Just a quick one today, but if you weren’t already aware, this week is Steam’s “Strategy Fest” & Ozymandias is taking part! To coincide with the fest, we’ve also released the sixth & final season pass update which includes the new “Andes” map, where four ancient Amazonian tribes are pitted in a race to acquire precious food before being cut off by their rivals:

Ozymandias Andes Screensho

It’s hard to believe that the game has been out for almost a year now, and in all honesty it has performed far better than I’d imagined…

I’d really love to do a full warts-and-all post-mortem with Jeremy as well as the whole Goblinz team (if I can get them to agree to it!) at some point to share what went well, what didn’t and what we (or other upcoming game devs) can learn from the experience. We’ll see :-)

In the meantime, if you don’t already have a copy, head over to buy Ozymandias on Steam while it’s 35% off (or 39% off for the Deluxe Edition!)