Ozymandias is a streamlined single- and multi-player 4X strategy game, made in partnership with Jeremy Hogan at The Secret Games Company, Goblinz Publishing and a whole bunch of other wonderful people.

As one of the players on Steam puts it:

Ozymandias is grand strategy game leaving out most of the complexity and micro management of better known strategy games like Civilization, while maintaining the core 4X mechanics.

This is exactly what Jez & I set out to do with our little slice of Bronze-Age strategy. The game is primarily centered around area control and resource accumulation & management with a novel “power” mechanic that drives conquest and has lots of subtle “wrinkles” and interactions that result in interesting player decisions. While most of the game state is open for all players to see, turns are taken simultaneously and there’s also a splash of card mechanics via “Opportunities” which keeps things from getting too predictable.

My favourite review explicitly calls out our intention to distill the core elements of the 4X genre into a tight, intertwined package of interesting player decisions:

Verdict is that you should definitely try Ozymandias if you’re interested in the theory of game design

Ozymandias is currently available on Steam for PC & Mac and you can try the demo for free before you buy.

At the time of writing, the game has received over 630 reviews, of which 92% have been positive!

Ozymandias Player Reviews

Rock Paper Shotgun also wrote a very nice article about the game as well, saying:

It also becomes more clear how much depth there is hidden away in such a light design

You can read the full review here if you are an RPS Supporter:

Ozymandias on Rock Paper Shotgun

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to see a popular streamer’s take, here’s a video of the game being played by Nookrium:

Many thanks of course to everyone who helped make the game a reality!

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